• Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Processing

Aluminium and aluminium alloys are used increasingly in industry today because of their good density - strength ratio, their positive corrosion properties and because they can be readily cast, welded, soldered and shaped.

The processing of aluminium and aluminium alloys to high quality requirements demands special knowledge of the material properties of these metals and of the suitable welding and soldering additives. The Steel for you experts have extensive experience in the use, processing, welding, soldering and testing of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Areas of Activity

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Railway Industry
  • Industrial Plant Construction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Industries


  • Support in selecting the right aluminium and aluminium alloy grades for the application
  • Implementation support for engineering and construction
  • Construction support and establishing the type of connection and the joining process to be used
  • Establishing a suitable welding and soldering process
  • Determining the necessary processing parameters, working instructions and pre-heating temperatures
  • Creating the welding and soldering instructions
  • Qualification for welding processes
    - Welding Procedure Specification WPS
    - Welding Procedure Qualification Record WPQR
  • Definition and creation of test instructions and inspection plans
  • Qualification of welding, soldering and setup personnel
  • Welding coordination according EN ISO 14731
    International Welding Engineers IWE, International Welding Technologist IWT,
    International Welding Specialist IWS
  • Implementation and organisation of destructive and non-destructive materials test procedures:
    Visual Testing VT, Colour Penetration Testing PT, Ultrasonic Testing UT, Radiographic Test RT, Macrosection, Microsection
  • Continuous monitoring of manufacturing processes and recording of the process parameters
  • Component and final inspection, examination of documentation