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Welding of Railway Vehicles according to EN 15085

The standards of the EN 15085 series apply for the construction, manufacturing and testing of welded rail vehicles and their components; DIN 27201-6 applies additionally for rail vehicle welding system maintenance. This series of standards establishes the certification and the quality requirements for welding operations in production and maintenance work.

The Steel for you experts organise the entire implementation process according to EN 15085 and EN ISO 3834 through to certification by an independent and accredited certification body and will accompany you through this from the as-is analysis down to the certification audit.

Areas of Activity

  • Railway Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Railway Industry
  • Railway Operators
  • Assembly Companies
  • Toll Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Construction


  • Consulting and support:
    - Carrying out an as-is analysis in relation to the requirements according to EN 15085
    - Development, introduction and company-internal implementation of the required standards and bodies of rules and regulations EN 15085, EN ISO 3834
    - Preparation for certification
    - Implementation support for engineering and construction
    - Selection of suitable materials, joints and joining processes
    - Determining the permissible imperfections in welded joints
    - Establishing the testing procedure and creation of the test instructions
  • Consulting, development, and implementation of Quality Management Systems as the basis for certification and their introduction in your company
    - Welding of railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085
    - Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834
  • Qualification of welding and operating personnel
  • Qualification of welding processes
    - Welding Procedure Specification WPS
    - Welding Procedure Qualification Record WPQR
  • Welding coordination according to EN ISO 14731
    - International Welding Engineer IWE, Welding Technologist IWT, International Welding Specialist IWS
  • Carrying out and evaluation of work samples (Mock-ups) to EN 15085 – 4 (DVS 1621) according to EN ISO 15613
  • Organisation and performance of destructive and non-destructive material testing:
    - Visual Inspection VT
    - Fracture Testing & Bending Test
    - Impact testing (Charpy Test)
    - Magnetic Particle Testing MT
    - Macrosection, Microsection
    - Penetration Testing PT
    - Ultrasonic Testing UT
    - Radiographic Test RT
    - Tensile Testing